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Nudge Studios is the common ground fore the Nudge empire, All the branches are: @nudge_studios   -   The brand, Grafix and image manipulation with focus on clothing

@sweden_raw   -  Photographic side of Nudge studios with much landscape photos of beutiful sweden.

www.nudge.se   -   Home of Nudge empire: All branches combined.


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Jimie D

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Nudge Clothes

Custom prints by  / Jimie. D

Fore questions about the clothes please go to bottom of the shop page fore answers.

Nudge.se i only providing the graphic prints fore the clothes.

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The Branches








Grafix & image manipulation

The Brand: And promotion page fore the clothing brand. Read more about nudge_studios here!


Sweden seen thrue Nudge Studios lens

Much landscape photos.

/ Will sune offer prints

Read more about @sweden_raw here!


The Nudge empire combined.

'The conntact point fore bussines inquires and more info about the brand.


Graphics - Photo - Web

If your business needs a custom graphic, logo ore photo, we can provide that.

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