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Nudge Studios


Nudge Studios on instagram  @nudge_studios   -   The brand, Graphic and image manipulation with focus on clothing


Sweden RAW


Sweden RAW on instagram  @sweden_raw   -   Landscape photography, You will be able to bye prints here sune!   -   Home of Nudge empire: All branches combined.



About Nudge_Studios:

2018 - I got this ide to start designing clothes, fore fun.

I really like to draw and wanted to draw with a purpose!

So i thought why not put some drawings on clothes?

Said and done, i partnerd up with spreadshirt to get things started fast!

The goal is to design the clothes themself and get a more unique clothing line in the future. But fore now this is fun enough ;)



About Sweden RAW:

Landscape photography by

Prints will be fore sale in the future.


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